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Light in the Night

A Torch Kept Lit: Great Lives of the Twentieth Century, by William F. Buckley Jr., edited by James Rosen (Crown Forum, 336 pp., $22)

In Eminent Victorians, Lytton Strachey lamented the inability of English-speaking writers to hold their own against the French eulogists: “We have had,” he wrote, “no Fontenelles and Condorcets, with their incomparable éloges, compressing into a few shining pages the manifold existences of men.”

Reading James Rosen’s collection of William F. Buckley Jr.’s encomia of departed souls, I was reminded of Strachey’s words, for, like Strachey himself, Buckley was a writer of English who was also a master of the vita brevis. He “devoted especial care to his eulogies,” Rosen writes, using them not only to mourn the dead but also “as

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Michael Knox Beran — Mr. Beran is a lawyer and writer. His book WASPs: The Splendors and Miseries of an American Aristocracy is to be published in August.

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