Magazine November 7, 2016, Issue

Apple-Picking Time

(Aleksander Rubtsov/Getty Images)

You can buy autumn produce in the stores, but if that were enough, why do the country u-pick places fill this time of year with customers? Cars nuzzle in the dirt parking lots hood to tailpipe, fender to fender; extra help directs overflow traffic to otherwise unused fields. Inside the barn or outbuilding where the cash registers live, harried parents make last-minute decisions about whether to buy their broods hayrides or food for the donkeys. There is a brisk side business in ice-cream sandwiches, humorous rustic postcards, and freshly fried donuts. When the sky is blue and the wind is

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‐ Bob Dylan is to literature as Barack Obama is to peace. ‐ “How is that not classified?” That was the stunned reaction of Clinton confidante Huma Abedin upon learning that ...
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HOMELAND “. . . I cannot sing Amid this horror.”                      – Anna Akhmatova                      (early draft of “Poem without a Hero”) Months pass without a single word recorded, Eliminating each suspicious link: The terrorizing, barbarizing, sordid, The ones who ...
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Looking the Other Way on Abortion Jay Nordlinger’s article “No More Baby” (September 26) concludes that we are a “deeply hypocritical society” because we won’t admit that killing a newborn baby is ...


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