Magazine December 19, 2016, Issue

That’s a Lot of Broken Eggs

Fidel is finally inert. Many of the online eulogies were heartfelt, as in “I hope your heart felt awful right before you saw the maw of hell open wide.”

Others, from the progressive sensibilities, were more nuanced. Castro was praised for standing up to the U.S., and never mind that he clambered to the top of a mountain of skulls to shake his impotent fist; it was the thought that counted. He had stood firm against capitalism, and that’s not only a get-out-of-jail-free card, it’s a put-everyone-else-in-jail card. Play it for five decades, tattered and worn; marginalize the dark-skinned people and

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MOVING Worn chairs with no seats cluster where A mirror gives back a dull stare At memories of other times. As leather books are losing rhymes, They tumble from a cardboard box Where fossils hide, within ...


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