Magazine December 19, 2016, Issue

When Driving Is Obsolete

I look forward to the singularity—the moment when artificial superintelligence triggers an explosion of technological growth that leaves us humans behind. Or, more specifically, I look forward to the day sentient computers are driving your cars. Because, by and large, you’re terrible at doing it yourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, humans excel at a broad range of important tasks; this includes the creation of life, and the morality, art, philosophy, and institutions that make that life worth living. You are the inventors of wondrous technological advances that have allowed us to experience longer and freer lives. Yet surely we can agree

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‐ Say what you will about Twitter, it’s an improvement over Josh Earnest. ‐ President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Alabama senator Jeff Sessions to be the next attorney general. Sessions is ...
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MOVING Worn chairs with no seats cluster where A mirror gives back a dull stare At memories of other times. As leather books are losing rhymes, They tumble from a cardboard box Where fossils hide, within ...


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