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Hillary Gone Wild

On the first weekend of December, Saturday Night Live — finally showing a little pep after its over-the-top, embarrassingly lachrymose mourning period for Hillary Clinton — debuted a new sketch, “The Hunt for Hil.” Mimicking the style of Finding Bigfoot, Animal Planet’s kitschy television sensation, “The Hunt for Hil” took various cockeyed fake “experts” into brave new territory: Clinton country, deep in the shadowy yet upscale hiking trails of Chappaqua, N.Y.

“Bigfoot. Chupacabra. The Loch Ness monster,” intones a tough-guy narrator. The video flashes over shaky images of various mythical creatures, including, oddly, a stray ordinary coyote, which I presume was

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Heather Wilhelm is a columnist for National Review. Her work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, RealClearPolitics, the Washington Examiner, Commentary magazine, the Dallas Morning News, the Miami Herald, and the Kansas City Star

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Hillary Gone Wild

“Bigfoot. Chupacabra. The Loch Ness monster. All rarely seen. All shrouded in mystery. Tonight, we’re headed to the woods of Westchester County to search for the most elusive legend of ...


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