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Unreal Fictions

Swing Time, by Zadie Smith (Penguin, 416 pp., $27)

Living overseas for many years, I learned to ask open-ended questions about culture. Thus I came to know, for example, a little of what the late-20th-century German army — beefed up by a draft and a rich country’s high taxes, but unable to do much of anything militarily — was like inside. An acquaintance of mine had served on the champion river-crossing-with-full-battle-gear team. (He did not seem worried that, in the event of a Russian invasion, he and his veteran comrades would not know how to resist except by finding a river and crossing and recrossing it; I didn’t have

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Sarah Ruden’s most recent books are the extensively revised second edition of her Aeneid translation and her new translation of the Gospels.

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AUTUMN SONG after Chassignet Little flower, you live in constant danger: Likely to be crushed under foot or torn by wind, Sun-scorched or gobbled by a goat. These October days streaked with regrets and tears Are ...
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“Bigfoot. Chupacabra. The Loch Ness monster. All rarely seen. All shrouded in mystery. Tonight, we’re headed to the woods of Westchester County to search for the most elusive legend of ...


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