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In Trump’s first 100 days, “Tough on China” became “Tough on Canada.” Now that’s tough.

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, is gripping reading, chock-full of juicy, revelatory reporting about the Democratic nominee’s campaign — reporting one wishes had been offered up during the election season. The Clinton campaign was perceived to be an experienced, well-funded, well-organized, well-oiled machine, brimming with dozens of offices in swing states and possessing a proven ground game. The reality, as Allen and Parnes reveal, was less impressive: Ten writers, consultants, and aides had a hand in writing Clinton’s muddled announcement speech; her Wisconsin volunteers lacked basic resources such as campaign literature to distribute while door-knocking; campaign manager Robby Mook chose not to spend money on polling, relying instead on analytics surveys; and by late October, aide Jake Sullivan “believed there was a reasonable chance Hillary would lose the election, and he began pressing Mook and others to abandon efforts to expand the Electoral College map in favor of locking down states that added up to 270.” In other words, quite a few people knew that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was a paper tiger, but the usual political considerations kept them from speaking publicly and honestly about it. If any journalists had been able to run this story before the election, maybe the results of the 2016 election wouldn’t have been so stunning.

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