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Collude with the Russians? Trump’s people can’t even collude with each other.

Away from Washington and the American media environment, President Trump gave a stirring and perceptive speech in Warsaw. His policy points were sober and mainstream — he praised Article 5, NATO’s guarantee to its members of support in case of attack, and hit Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine. He praised Poland, as any decent visitor should, for its long struggle for independence. His litany of the values of innovation, female empowerment, morality, and religion had something that pleased Left and Right and that wise liberals and conservatives alike recognize as valuable contributions. What struck a new note, these days, was Trump’s insistence that these values arose in the West and required defense. Any history-minded universalist must recognize that, while all men deserve liberty as men, only one civilization — ours — has worked with any consistency to identify and secure it. This Trump boldly and clearly did. So much of his political career has been consumed by fireworks and bellyaching; perhaps they will be his primary residue. But his Warsaw speech laid down an important marker.

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