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Masked Media Critics
I have enjoyed  National Review for nearly four decades. Even when NR gets it wrong (in my view), they almost always do so thoughtfully and from sound conservative principles.

In the current issue, you presented me with an exception to this rule. I refer to your (admittedly mild) defense of CNN’s “doxxing” (or, rather, threat to do so) of a young “Redditor” who created and posted a video graphic of CNN being beaten up by Donald Trump. Rather than focusing on CNN’s a) inability to take a (kind of lame) joke, or b) devotion of investigatory resources to such a trivial matter when there are other obvious issues that could benefit from such “sunlight,” you said: “Why should political social-media posts be anonymous? . . . The identity of social-media pundits is a matter of public interest. Let the sun shine in.”

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