Magazine April 3, 2017, Issue

Russia, Europe, and the West

(Trump: Michael Reynolds/Pool via Bloomberg; Putin: Alexei NikolskyTass via Getty Images)
In defense of President Trump’s emerging foreign policy

It seems an odd classification, but U.S. foreign policy, especially its policy towards Russia, is now filed in media and government under a new subsection on elite attitudes towards President Trump. Analyses of President Putin’s character, questions of whom we should fight (both with and against) in Iraq and Syria, whether Washington should rebuild or further scale down America’s nuclear armory, U.S. relations with the Muslim world, what attitude the U.S. should take towards the various unraveling crises in Europe, and whether Israel should be treated as a favored ally or a pariah (an especially ticklish question if Bibi Netanyahu

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The disaster that overtook this year’s Oscar telecast in its closing moments, like so many strange events of the last two years, seemed almost scripted in its wild implausibility.


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The Limits of Proportional Representation One must wrestle with two related issues when discussing gerrymandering: (1) If a state is divided 60–40 between Party A and Party B, and its ten neatly ...
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‐ He pounds his chest, he roars, he perches on high-profile Manhattan real estate, and he can only be tamed by a clever blonde lady: Who could have seen this ...
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THE APOTHEOSIS OF DON JUNE Promiscuous as moonlight on sand, He pondered heaven by the foaming surf; And staring at its brilliant text he saw He’d never been voluptuous enough. There were so many things ...


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