Magazine May 1, 2017, Issue

Enjoy the Silence

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz goes hunting outside of Akron, Iowa. (Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters)
Hunters have hope for the Hearing Protection Act

I am the man who shot bin Laden.

Zombie bin Laden, anyway, which is one of the more popular of the fanciful targets you can buy at Full Armor Gun Range in Houston, and I have five of them. I am punching holes approximately 45 hundredths of an inch in diameter in Zombie bin Laden’s turban with a rented Ruger 1911 and feeling confident that if ever America gets invaded by a ravening army of stationary two-dimensional paper zombie terrorists, then I am ready for action.

This particular .45 has an eight-inch Sig Sauer silencer (your local gun nut will insist on

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WHAT CAME BEFORE When the mists of antiquity roll down the mountain with what came before written history, before the celestial irresolution of dark and light, when persistent survival was a near miracle, at the ...
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More Food, Fewer Farmers Robert D. Atkinson’s piece “In Defense of Robots” (April 17) made me reflect on the great impact that advances in technology have had on my own ...
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‐ It takes a special talent to come off as the bad guy in a conversation about Bashar al-Assad and Adolf Hitler. ‐ Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national-security adviser, admits, after ...


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