Magazine May 1, 2017, Issue

‘She Said What?’

A police officer stands in a line during a demonstration against the planned speech by conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California. (Stephen Lam/Reuters)

Another week, another college speaker shouted down by the hootin’ whoopin’ forces of righteousness. Don’t you dare suggest they’re coddled kids with nothing better to do! #SlackLivesBlather.

The most recent guest lecturer — or fascist tool, if you prefer — was Heather Mac Donald, an apologist for the occupying army known as The Police. Using rhetorical sleights-of-hand such as “facts” and “statistics,” she tried to convince the audience that their adamantine preconceptions might benefit from another perspective.

She even went so far as to suggest that black communities suffer the most from crime, and that police help these victimized communities. You might

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