Magazine May 1, 2017, Issue

Girl, Misplaced

Fearless Girl and Charging Bull (William Volcov/Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images)
A tale of two sculptures

There’s a new girl in town — in New York City, that is. Her name is Fearless Girl, and she’s facing, and standing up to, a charging bull. The girl appears to be about six years old. She’s just over four feet tall. And she weighs about 250 pounds — which isn’t much, for a bronze sculpture.

Her hands are on her hips, and she wears a bold, confident expression. She is indeed fearless. Her skirt is blowing, but not like Marilyn Monroe’s, bawdily. Her hair is done in a ponytail. And on her feet, there are old-fashioned, high-top, lace-up shoes.

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