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Let the Police Police

New York Police Department officers stand guard near Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan, New York. (Amr Alfiky/Reuters)
So says Jeff Sessions, but some big-city chiefs disagree

Federal consent decrees — agreements between the federal government and a local agency to change how that agency operates — are burdensome, costly, and rarely justified. You would think, then, that when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in a memo at the end of March that he was reviewing police consent decrees, politicians and police chiefs in the affected cities would have let out a glad cheer. Instead, Sessions’s announcement produced a bizarre spectacle: Local officials proudly proclaimed themselves unable to function in the absence of federal control. Therein lies a tale about law enforcement in the Black Lives Matter

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Acts of Undermining

Set in the summer and early autumn of 1949, “Deconstruction” reimagines the relationship between Paul de Man, newly arrived in New York City from Belgium, and novelist-critic Mary McCarthy.


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‐ In Trump’s first 100 days, “Tough on China” became “Tough on Canada.” Now that’s tough. ‐Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, is gripping reading, ...
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LARKINESQUE The trees have shed their leaves at last, Like something over — done and said. How shall their settled piles be read Now that fall is dead and past? Perhaps like sibyl’s words that ...


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