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WFB campaigns for mayor of New York City, 1965.
A Man and His Presidents: The Political Odyssey of William F. Buckley Jr., by Alvin S. Felzenberg (Yale, 456 pp., $35)

William F. Buckley Jr. made enormous contributions to America’s publishing industry during his life, and he has continued to do so, albeit indirectly, in the nine years since his death. He has been the subject of two beautifully written memoirs — one by his son, Christopher, the other by NR’s Richard Brookhiser — along with biographies by Heritage Foundation scholar Lee Edwards and Roger Williams University law professor Carl Bogus. In 2015, the Devault-Graves Agency published the complete transcripts of Buckley’s famous 1968 debates with Gore Vidal, and University of Illinois at Chicago historian Kevin Schultz published a study of

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Finding Dalí Kudos to Roman Genn for his depiction of Salvador Dalí (“Master of the Surreal,” June 12). I have discovered that if turned upside down and viewed at a distance ...
The Week

The Week

‐ This issue of National Review covfefe ‐ The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is the latest jurisdiction to join the legal war against President Trump. It ruled that Trump’s executive ...

A Thought for Your Penneys

The local Penneys store is closing. Or is it JCPenney? Or J. C. Penney’s? They’re all fine. You say “Penneys store” and almost anyone knows what you mean: a venerable ...


NIGHT TRAVELING Fine grass, slight wind, Tall mast, night boat; Stars hang, vast plain, Moon bobs in trout’s mouth. Great name, small man, Body bent, resigned. Drift I, black hull, Earth, sky, lone gull. Tu Fu (712–770) translated by Richard ...


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