Magazine September 11, 2017, Issue

Monumentally Naïve

A University of North Carolina policeman guards a statue of a Confederate soldier nicknamed Silent Sam Chapel Hill, North Carolina, August 22, 2017. (Jonathan Drake/Reuters)
For the Left, taking down Confederate memorials is just the beginning

There’s a fever in the August air, a thick, swampy fever of righteous stupidity. At the University of Southern California, the Black Student Assembly raised a ruckus by pointing out that the school’s equine mascot, Traveler, the ninth in his line, had almost the same name as Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveller. It’s unclear whether there is any tie between the two horses’ names, but Saphia Jackson, the group’s co-director, touted the similarity as proof that “white supremacy hits close to home.”

In Atlanta, an angry mob attacked and desecrated a statue called the Peace Monument. It depicted a Confederate soldier

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