Magazine October 2, 2017, Issue

Thoughts from an Ocean Crossing

(Stephane Mahe/Reuters)

On the  National Review Atlantic crossing, the TV played channels from many nations, showing the rich diversity of cinema in other lands. In other words, American action movies dubbed in other tongues. Bruce Willis, in French, sounds like he’s upset about a bad review of his philosophy book; in German, he sounds like he’s gargling bottle caps. In the Japanese-dubbed movies, he sounded like a bull with bad gas. And so on.

The commercials say just as much about a culture as the movies do. Ads always tell some interesting truths en route to telling a lie, and vice versa. You’re

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Shared Culture, Shared Beliefs Michael Lind is to be commended for trying to reunite America under “cultural nationalism” (“The Case for Cultural Nationalism,” September 11). He defines this as “an American ...
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‐ The Boston Red Sox announced the hiring of Edward Snowden as bench coach. ‐ Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wanted to extend the debt limit for three months, while their ...
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LOOKING EAST A Yes or No answer, black or white, is Not found staring at the ocean, much as The sea magnetizes our attention. It holds us more completely than we feel It does, the ...


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