Magazine October 2, 2017, Issue

Regime Change

Gorbachev: His Life and Times, by William Taubman (Norton, 880 pp., $39.95)

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was the seventh general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, which had held undisputed power in Russia since the 1917 revolution. The man in that position was at the mercy of an ideology stating that the Party could do no wrong. Decisions had to appear to be unanimous because open disagreement ran the risk of ending in schism, in which case one or the other side had to be in the wrong. Lenin and Stalin warned that schism was the greatest danger facing the Party, and to guard against it they had an inflexible operating principle: Those

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‐ The Boston Red Sox announced the hiring of Edward Snowden as bench coach. ‐ Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wanted to extend the debt limit for three months, while their ...
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LOOKING EAST A Yes or No answer, black or white, is Not found staring at the ocean, much as The sea magnetizes our attention. It holds us more completely than we feel It does, the ...


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