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Congress and Campus

Middlebury College students turn their backs on Charles Murray, March 2, 2017. (
Students and faculty need federal free-speech protection

At colleges across America, student protesters are intimidating conservatives who dare to attempt to speak. And at Reed College, in Portland, Ore., the radical Left has even turned on its own progressive brothers and sisters. Protesters have occupied classrooms, harassed teachers, and interrupted instruction. One particular target of radical fury is a self-described “queer,” “mixed-race” professor named Lucía Martínez Valdivia, whom protesters call a “race traitor” for failing to oppose a humanities syllabus that was allegedly too white and too male. Before a planned lecture on Sappho, Valdivia pleaded with protesters to treat her with respect, claiming that she was

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Give Me Your Poesy I very much enjoyed Kevin D. Williamson’s essay on Emma Lazarus (“Wretched Refuse, Indeed,” August 28) and the way in which her famous poem, which had several ...
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The Week

‐ Some stood, some knelt, all winced. ‐ President Trump’s speech to the U.N. General Assembly was a combination of idealism and blunt talk. Most striking was his ode to national ...

Take a Small Knee

The National Anthem protests that have taken place around the country could be just the beginning of a backlash against the ‘evil’ heterosexual white man.


M.A.C. East Lansing, Michigan On either side, the highway’s barren stretch Is dwarfed by the wide wastes of prairie grass, Its pale dry leaves weaved with dark heads of vetch And clumps of sumac shimmering ...


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