Magazine November 13, 2017, Issue

The Kellyanne Conway Show

(Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Episode 205: “A Game of Telephone”

Fade in.

Int. Kellyanne’s office — day

A frazzled Kellyanne sits at her desk, coffee mug close at hand. The TV in her office is tuned to MSNBC.

MSNBC Anchor (V.O.): . . . and another series of untruthful and misleading tweets from President Trump has once again caused uproar and –

Kellyanne sighs and picks up the remote and changes the channel to CNN.

Kellyanne: (calling to outer office) Michelle! The cleaning crew is messing with my television again!

We hear:

CNN Anchor (V.O.): . . . members of his own party are calling for an apology and increased supervision by

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