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The End of the Clerisy

Professor Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (right) and President-elect John F. Kennedy at Harvard, January 1961 (Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images)
Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian, by Richard Aldous (Norton, 496 pp., $29.95)

The story of how the historian in Arthur Schlesinger Jr. was eclipsed by the courtier, the man of intellect by the scholar of the beau monde, has been told before, but never in such richness of detail as Richard Aldous tells it in his first-rate biography, or so pointedly as a parable of the decline of the mid-20th-century clerisy.

Schlesinger was born in 1917 in Columbus, Ohio, but his family moved to Massachusetts in 1924, when he was a child: His father, Arthur Sr., had been summoned to a professorship at Harvard. Young Arthur covered himself with glory at Exeter, Harvard

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Michael Knox Beran — Mr. Beran is a lawyer and writer. His book WASPs: The Splendors and Miseries of an American Aristocracy is to be published in August.

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