Magazine December 18, 2017, Issue

Sweden, Jolted Awake

On Gotland Island, during the Aurora 17 exercise (Sky News)
The defense posture of a ‘peace nation’

Stockholm — ‘An American journalist has come to Sweden to report on our defense,” says an eminent Swede, long involved in foreign affairs. “I can’t tell whether this is good news or bad news.” It’s both, actually. The bad news is that Sweden faces, once more, a threat from Moscow. The good news is that they are responding — however haltingly or inadequately.

“Step by step,” says the defense minister, Peter Hultqvist. “Step by step, we are developing our military capability.” (He might say redeveloping.) Sweden is adjusting to the new realities of the region.

What region? Scandinavia? Sweden is indeed a

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