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A Stronger German-American Alliance

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump (Patrik Stollarz/Reuters)
How to bolster NATO and meet the challenge of China

More than any other country, Germany has profited from the post–Cold War international system. As a close ally of the world’s superpower and bordered by smaller, friendly powers, it has had the luxury of abjuring hard power — an attitude reinforced by the trauma of its 20th-century history. Instead, much like Japan, it has channeled its energies into economics, transforming itself into a trading superpower that earns almost half of its gross domestic product from exports. Today, German industry dominates the European economy, surfing along on a wave of success.

The thrust of German foreign policy is to defend this advantageous

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Peter Rough, a former director of research in the office of George W. Bush, is a fellow at the Hudson Institute.

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