Magazine May 28, 2018, Issue

‘Little Money but Good Canoeing’

Russel Kirk at his typewriter
Imaginative Conservatism: The Letters of Russell Kirk, edited by James E. Person Jr. (Kentucky, 432 pp., $39.95)

Deep in this captivating and illuminating collection of letters, Russell Kirk (1918–1994) writes, during the annus horribilis of 1968, of the protests then sweeping through college campuses, that “the rootless are always violent, and the lonely and bored find riot a welcome diversion.” In the half century since, the atmosphere on campuses has only intensified. The old conservative complaint was that colleges made students liberals and resentful of where they came from. Now, after a generation or more of left-wing dominance of academia, students arrive at elite liberal-arts campuses having learned almost nothing of their civilization and expecting to be

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