Magazine June 11, 2018, Issue

Between Liberalism and Democracy

The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It, by Yascha Mounk (Harvard, 400 pp., $29.95)

Donald Trump’s election, said a senior Harvard professor to Boston magazine, was a revolt of the lower half of the IQ scale against the upper half. It’s probably more accurate to say it was a revolt of those with fewer years of schooling against those with more years. Going to school is not the same as getting an education, of course, much less finding wisdom.

It might therefore be revealing to test a different proposition: Trump’s election was a revolt of those with more common sense against those with less. That proposition is untestable, of course, as countless professors would

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The Week

Barack Obama signed a contract with Netflix. Now he’ll be working for the media instead of the other way around.

Going Postal

The president is displeased with Amazon, which seems odd; it’s like reading “George H. W. Bush was spitting mad at Sears.”


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