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‘I Have Been Spared Not to Waste My Life’

Richard Pipes in 1982 (Diana Walker/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)
The brilliant and useful life of Richard Pipes

Richard Pipes was a great scholar and an important public figure. In this little appreciation, however, I will write mainly personally. Pipes was a big deal to me (as to the world at large, to be sure). He passed away on May 17.

He was born in Poland — Jewish — on July 11, 1923. You could see the year of his birth in his email address: “rpipes23.” He was 16 when the Nazis came. Much later, he wrote, “I noticed with surprise that the soldiers were not the blond supermen of Nazi propaganda: many were short and swarthy and quite

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The Week

Barack Obama signed a contract with Netflix. Now he’ll be working for the media instead of the other way around.

Going Postal

The president is displeased with Amazon, which seems odd; it’s like reading “George H. W. Bush was spitting mad at Sears.”


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