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California Nightmare

Politicians rally for gas-tax repeal in San Diego, California, July 11, 2018. (Mike Blake/Reuters)
What the Golden State needs is a conservatism of shared prosperity

California is America’s America, an extension, exaggeration, and distillation of the United States as a whole — the nation fresh-squeezed into concentrate. Like America writ large, California is a propositional place, a geography embodying an aspiration. Yet the vaunted California Dream — reporter Matt Levin called it “a magical time in the 1960s when as soon as you crossed the state line Ronald Reagan would hand-deliver you a two-story house and 2.5 children and tiki-themed patio furniture” — has begun to crack. Declining economic opportunity, set against the backdrop of a sclerotic governing apparatus increasingly dedicated to the worst fever

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Charles J. Sykes reviews The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics, by Dan Kaufman.


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The Week

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