Magazine August 13, 2018, Issue

Terrifying Twitter Twaddle

Director James Gunn attends a premiere of the film Guardians of the galaxy, Vol. 2 in London, April 24, 2017. (Hannah McKay/Reuters)

What did people do before Twitter? You imagine angry folk walking around just sloshing with opinions, red steam shooting from their ears, unable to vent, yelling at dogs, scribbling notes they tack to grocery-store bulletin boards.

Another timely question: How did we destroy jobs and reputations before Twitter? I mean “we” in the sense of faceless, howling mobs distributed around the country. We couldn’t! Why, kids today have fast, easy access to vindictive mobs; when I was growing up, if a famous person said something bad, the most you could do was write a letter to Time magazine.

Then came Twitter. Hurrah!

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