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An Amazon fulfillment center (Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images)
Life on the SLAM line at the everything store.

Columbus, Ohio

Outside, it’s America. The name “Ohio” may be synonymous with postindustrial Rust Belt gritty Trump-voting angst rage and despair, but you don’t see a whole hell of a lot of that in and around the cheery and well-scrubbed precincts of this city, which in the manner of pretty much all of your typical state capitals and college towns is shielded from the worst gyrations of Capital in the 21st Century by the fat salaries and generous benefits enjoyed by the shiny happy public- to semi-public-sector professional class thanks to the hard-got tax dollars of working-stiff blue-collar types out there somewhere in

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“Last night, the winds went wild at war, their gusts and gales made chaos swarm, and then . . . they weren’t there anymore.”


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