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Consider the Dusky Gopher Frog

Dusky gopher frog
Protect endangered species by turning them into assets

‘As the one person in Congress, the only one, that voted for the Endangered Species Act, please beat me with a whip,” Representative Don Young said last month. The longtime Alaska congressman was at a legislative forum alongside more than a dozen other House Republicans to unveil a series of bills aimed at reforming the 1973 law. When the act was passed, Young said, representatives were told it was meant to save “leopards,” not “mussels and snails and turtles.”

The House bills are part of a broader Republican-led effort to modernize the Endangered Species Act, which has not been updated in

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Kevin D. Williamson responds to a reader’s thoughts on his article, “More Important than Motorcycles.”
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The Week

This just in: Cory Booker says he took an extra packet of sugar at the diner this morning — and he’d do it again!


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