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Cory Booker’s 911 Calls

Sen. Cory Booker at a Senate Judiciary hearing, March 2018 (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)


Start Call

911 Operator: This is the 911 operator, what is your emergency?

Cory Booker: This is Senator Cory Booker. I want to report a crime. No, wait, a series of crimes. I want to report nothing less than an entire criminal enterprise that has the tri-state area in its grip.

911 Operator: Sir, is this an emergency?

Cory Booker: I can’t believe you’re asking me that question. Is it an emergency? Yes!

911 Operator: Sir, what is your location?

Cory Booker: I understand why you’re asking that question. That’s the procedure, right? The rules and regulations of the whole 911 power dynamic. But you have

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The Week

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