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Master of the Frontier

James Fenimore Cooper (Wikimedia Commons)

When James Fenimore Cooper died on Sepember 14, 1851, a day before his 62nd birthday, friends and admirers planned a gala to celebrate the life and career of America’s first great novelist. The committee included prominent literary men such as Wash­ington Irving and Rufus W. Griswold (the late Edgar Allan Poe’s literary executor and frenemy). By late February 1852, when they finally gathered at New York’s Metropolitan Hall, the event had become something of a Who’s Who in American letters. Daniel Webster himself gave a speech praising Cooper’s merits, and William Cullen Bryant, author of the still-anthologized poem “Thanatopsis,” delivered

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Kelly Scott Franklin — Mr. Franklin is an associate professor of English at Hillsdale College, where he teaches American literature and the great books.

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