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State Fair

Hilby, the Skinny German Juggler, performing at the New York State Fair (courtesy New York State Fair)
One of America’s best traditions continues

Syracuse, N.Y.

Being a modern type, I catch an Uber from the airport. The driver says, “What brings you to Syracuse?” I tell him I’m going to the fairthe New York State Fair. He says, “Are you working at the fair or just attending?” A little of each, I tell him: I’m going to write about it.

The driver has had far more interesting passengers — including a guy he picked up last week, who said he had a job at the fair. “Oh? What do you do?” asked the driver. The passenger responded, “I dive from an 80-foot platform

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The Week

This just in: Cory Booker says he took an extra packet of sugar at the diner this morning -- and he’d do it again!


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