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When Rage Is All the Rage

(Noah Berger/Reuters)

If you can cast your mind back a few weeks into the past, or 3,356 crises ago, people were miffed that a new movie about the 1969 Moon landing didn’t include a scene of the American flag being planted on the lunar surface. Some young people shruggedhey, who cares if we see Chuck Aldrin or Buzz Lightstrong or whoever do the colonial thing? Some older folk didn’t care either, because they agreed with the sentiments of Ryan Gosling, who said the Moon landing was more of an all-humanity kinda thing.

It’s not surprising. Anything that is a specifically Ameri­can

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Kevin D. Williamson responds to a reader's thoughts on his article, “More Important than Motorcycles.”
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The Week

This just in: Cory Booker says he took an extra packet of sugar at the diner this morning -- and he’d do it again!


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