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Why Democrats Love Democratic Socialism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrates after upsetting incumbent Representative Joe Crowley, June 26, 2018. (Scott Heins/Getty Images)
It sounds like ‘social democracy’ but is very different -- and very dangerous

On the night of June 26, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the Democratic primary against incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th congressional district, online searches for “democratic socialism” spiked dramatically. The 28-year-old Bronx native had done the improbable. Not only had she risen from total obscurity to knock out a ten-term incumbent and likely successor to Nancy Pelosi; “AOC,” as many call her, demonstrated that an unabashed socialist can secure a high-profile position within the national Democratic party. Months later, search interest in her anti-capitalist moniker remains elevated around the country.

The Ocasio-Cortez result was simply the most prominent victory to

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