Magazine October 15, 2018, Issue

A Hot Race in Miami

Maria Elvira Salazar (Justin Azpiazu/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images)
The battle to succeed a veteran Republican in Congress


Every two years, there are 435 races for the U.S. House. Most of them are uninteresting. Some are interesting. This one in Miami is very interesting. It is for an open seat, and it features two remarkable women — three of them, actually, if you count the independent candidate, which you should. The race is “like a telenovela come to life,” says Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the outgoing congresswoman.

A telenovela is a Latin American soap opera, and Ros-Lehtinen is outgoing in more ways than one. She is retiring from Congress, yes. A Republican, she began her House career in 1989. But also,

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A reader sympathizes with Rael Jean Isaac’s frustration in reporting on Frank Fuster’s plight (“The Last Victim,” September 10).


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