Magazine October 15, 2018, Issue

The New China Rules

China’s President Xi Jinping during the 2018 Beijing Summit in Beijing, China, September 4, 2018 (Lintao Zhang/Reuters)
Beijing attempts to force new terms onto the geopolitical order

In July, Palau Pacific Airways shuttered its doors. The small airline had found itself the collateral damage in a battle between its archipelago of 21,000 persons and China. Palau is one of only 18 countries to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan. As a result, the Chinese government had banned all tour groups to Palau, imposed fines on those who defied the edict, and thereby crushed revenue for the airline.

At nearly the same time, four American airlines bowed to Chinese pressure and removed all references to Taiwan as an independent nation from their websites. The companies had tried various ways of

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A reader sympathizes with Rael Jean Isaac’s frustration in reporting on Frank Fuster’s plight (“The Last Victim,” September 10).


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