Magazine October 15, 2018, Issue

Point of Departure

A plane takes off at an airport in Valencia, Spain, July 24, 2018. (Heino Kalis/Reuters)

There’s a scout troop short a child, Khrushchev’s due at Idlewild.

This couplet from the theme song of an early-Sixties comic cop show references two things now lost — a long-gone Soviet leader, and the name of one of the city’s airports. But the airport, renamed for the assassinated president, is still there, little improved since the days of the cop show — or so we are told.

America has fallen behind. Look at our airports. Compare them with the airports of the wily Chinese, and with their state-of-art highways and cities. The highways watch you for infractions like jaywalking, and a

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A reader sympathizes with Rael Jean Isaac’s frustration in reporting on Frank Fuster’s plight (“The Last Victim,” September 10).


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