Magazine October 29, 2018, Issue

Falling Stars

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born (Warner Bros.)

It’s rare these days to have an “event” movie trailer for a film that isn’t part of some superhero universe, or to have intense critical buzz around a film that doesn’t scratch some modish political itch. But A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, which plants him and Stefani Germanotta — yes, okay, better known as Lady Gaga — in the famous thrice-made story, managed both feats this summer and fall: First there was a trailer, carried along by both Cooper and Gaga’s vocals, that set the Internet’s jaded cinephiles abuzz, and then there were some early leaked reviews

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Rat Patrol

Illegal leaks of classified information should be treated as a serious offense. But they would be easier to prevent if less information were classified.