Magazine October 29, 2018, Issue

Daughter of Togo

Farida Nabourema at a meeting of the Oslo Freedom Forum in New York, September 2018 (Jay Nordlinger)
Farida Nabourema is a lovely young woman who is the scourge of a dictatorship

Like a family farm, a dictatorship is sometimes passed from father to son. These dictatorships can enjoy cruelly long lives. In Syria, Hafez Assad seized power in 1970. His son Bashar is still on the throne, 48 years later, killing as many as necessary to keep the family business going. Bashar’s firstborn son, Hafez II, is already touted as Dictator No. 3.

In Haiti, the Duvaliers ruled for 29 years: 1957 to 1986. Papa Doc ruled for 14, Baby Doc for 15. Baby Doc’s son, Nicolas, a.k.a. “Grandbaby Doc,” will likely not be dictator, but he has worked in government. The

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