Magazine October 29, 2018, Issue

The Mind of Wesley Yang

Many dispossessed young men in America are choosing to live life behind screens, creating unique new problems. (PxHere)
The Souls of Yellow Folk: Essays, by Wesley Yang (W. W. Norton, 256 pp., $24.95)

Like most Americans born after 1990, I spent too much time online starting at far too young an age. First came bulletin-board forums and anonymous chat rooms, then 4chan and SomethingAwful. Stay on these forums long enough and you become deeply familiar with a certain trope about the type of males who frequent them: young men, generally white or Asian, who struggle to meet and form meaningful relationships with women; who are unsatisfied at school or work; who feel increasingly desperate and blame broad classes of people for their failures. The trope is an abstraction, maybe even a lazy one,

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