Magazine November 12, 2018, Issue

The Sidewalk Standpoint

Upper West Side (Wikimedia Commons)

A fair feeld ful of folk fand I there . . . / Of alle maner of men, the mene and the riche, / Worching and wandringe as the world asketh.

On an Indian-summer day I posted myself at a sidewalk table on the square and watched them, fellow city dwellers, strangers, walking, walking. This was the field of the city, going to and from lunch, errands, work, school. Maybe Kanye West and Emily Ratajkowski were walking away from me, but these were the ordinary folk I saw coming in my direction.

Red heads are rare enough to be noticeable, beautiful enough

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Robert Dean Lurie reviews Anything for a Hit: An A&R Woman’s Story of Surviving the Music Industry, by Dorothy Carvello.




“I try to learn the prose of life, but my slavish reproduction of its speech is wooden…”


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