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Climate of Opinion

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The latest study on global warming, like its innumerable predecessors, predicts the usual dire doom. The economy will shrink by 10 percent at century’s end, for example, like a cotton shirt in hot water. Ouch! Then again, what will the economy look like in 80 years? If you told someone in 1919 that the economy would be dominated by Apple and Google, he’d have thought you meant agriculture and protective eyewear.

“No, Google, not goggle. Amalgamated Goggle went out of business after the world war. The second one. The one that transformed the economy by eliminating foreign competition and —

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Gun Country

David French reviews First Freedom: A Ride through America’s Enduring History with the Gun, by David Harsanyi.




One reader praises Shawn Regan’s recent article, “Consider the Dusky Gopher Frog”; another praises Sen. Chuck Grassley.


Panpsychism (believed in by those who know what particle physics is but are uneasy with “Big Bang” as a search term) has its limits I suspect…


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