Magazine December 3, 2018, Issue

The Mayor of Caracas, Free and in Exile

Antonio Ledezma (Eric Baradat/AFP/Getty Images)
A look at Antonio Ledezma

When a dictatorship comes to arrest you, it does not skimp on force. More than 100 agents came to arrest Antonio Ledezma. About 25 of them came up to his office, smashing doors and shattering glass as they went. “They arrested him savagely,” as his wife later said. “They hit him.” Ledezma himself said to the agents, “Why so many? I’m only one person. I weigh 75 kilograms [165 pounds]. I’m not going to fight you by myself.” Downstairs, there were about 80 men, wielding machine guns, firing them in the air, putting on a big show.

They carted Ledezma off

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