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The ‘Titmouse’ Terror


In the waning days of 2018, a comedian was kicked off the Oscars-hosting job for old tweets, and a Heisman Trophy winner was shamed on his day of triumph for something he tweeted when he was 14. Will 2019 continue the trend? Of course! Expect something like the following story.

January 2, 2019, 7:00–01 p.m. “The international body that confers the Bohdi Award, the most prestigious recognition of excellence in science, announced today it was giving its honor to Henrik Henriksson, an 87-year-old Swedish physicist who had discovered the drurk, a subatomic particle responsible for sadness.

“I am honored beyond measure,”

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Readers weigh in on Allen C. Guelzo’s “The Great War’s Great Price” and Kevin D. Williamson’s “Pillars of Fire.”
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The Week

The worst part about getting coal in your stocking isn’t the indignity; it’s the notice of violation from the EPA.
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Holiday Revisions

From “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” words and music by Frank Loesser, with revisions and amendments by the women’s-studies department at Bard College...


“Though slave to him I plan to kill, From here on in I mean to do the things I will...”


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