Magazine January 28, 2019, Issue

NSA Surveillance Transcript, Text-Message Compilation

(Nazanin Tabatabaee Yazdi/Tima via Reuters)


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01.07.19 17:05:44

INDIVIDUAL ONE: Hey, sitting here with the SML and going over some of the little stuff in re: tonight’s Trump response. He’s thinking maybe easy chairs, club chairs kind of thing? The two of them by a fireplace (maybe in his office; does she have one?) looking super casual and not like it’s a crisis. Maybe mugs of cocoa? Too much? Just that the SML wants to project a kind of fun, relaxed vibe. Just him and the SOH chilling and being super normal. Thots?

INDIVIDUAL TWO: Will run it by her. Concerned re club chair and casual

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Readers respond to Kevin Williamson’s thoughts on wearing a suit to work and Graham Hillard’s essay on naming churches.
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The Week

Planned Parenthood mistreats its pregnant employees? You should see what they do to their pregnant customers.


“A perfect candidate for Miss Morbidity, I often wake at 4 a.m. to hear the hiss of life evaporating from the lake…”


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Rat Patrol

Rat Patrol

Illegal leaks of classified information should be treated as a serious offense. But they would be easier to prevent if less information were classified.