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Toward a Constitutional Conservatism

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh holds his U.S. Constitution in Washington, D.C., September 6, 2018. (Alex Wroblewski/Reuters)
Why opposition to government overreach grounded in constitutional principle is a sign of health in the body politic

Conservatism’s choice, among all the great modern revolutions, has always been the American Revolution. It sought not to remake the world — and man — anew by some utopian ideal, but rather to elevate and safeguard the liberty of man in our own, imperfect world. It ushered in a system of constitutional structures that limit and contain power, that create checks and balances to frustrate tyranny, and that view government as subordinate to the individuals from whom it derives its just powers. The conservative instinct is skeptical and individualistic, and, in the American context, constitutional. And that is why a

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Readers respond to Kevin Williamson’s thoughts on wearing a suit to work and Graham Hillard’s essay on naming churches.
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“A perfect candidate for Miss Morbidity, I often wake at 4 a.m. to hear the hiss of life evaporating from the lake…”


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