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Fielding a Few on the Arts

Duke Ellington: ‘If it sounds good, it is good.’ (Ed Clarity/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
‘So, wed with Truth, I dwell above the Veil’

Now and then, William F. Buckley Jr. used the phrase “infield practice,” which was strange, because he did not really care for sports (except sailing). He attended his first Major League Baseball game in 1994, when he was nearly 70. Ira Glasser, the head of the ACLU, took him to Opening Day at Shea Stadium (where the New York Mets played). The two rode out to the park together via subway. WFB had not been on a subway train since 1965, when he rode one briefly while running for mayor. From the ballgame, he limo’d home.

He may not have been

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Maybe “But there’s no one on the job at the IRS!” isn’t the best anti-shutdown messaging.


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