Magazine February 11, 2019, Issue

Timely Meditation

Clock at the Hauptbahnhof railway station in Berlin, Germany (Hannibal/Reuters)

I caught the clock red-handed stealing time
and knew such thievery was nothing new
and our bright megaliths of steel and glass
must vanish quickly as the morning dew.

If now is but a fiction or nonce word
no sooner said but sped into the past,
how can we flaunt our puny intellect
when the next breath might shortly be our last?

For if the speed of light is absolute
whether in light years or in lovers’ sight,
all that we can perceive already’s past
and we ourselves but relics of delight.

While science probes dark matter in dispute
as we prepare to amble off to Mars,
let’s celebrate and venerate our earth,
this pale

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Maybe “But there’s no one on the job at the IRS!” isn’t the best anti-shutdown messaging.


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