Magazine February 11, 2019, Issue

Team Nosferatu

“This is one transplant who’s hoping that Brady and Belichick do get the ring. I could write that the key to the game will be New England’s offensive line’s protection for No. 12, but who really cares what a D.C. lawyer who never played the game beyond Sunday afternoon pickup games has to say about game planning?” — Shannen W. Coffin, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

In December, on the NR cruise, I spent a little too much time enjoying myself with disreputables such as James Lileks and Rob Long. Lileks is always pointing his little cigarillos at you as he tells you about the short subjects on medicine-ball calisthenics from 1935 he’s been watching on TCM. The man is odd. Keep an eye on him, constables. If there’s ever an audacious raid on the RKO Radio Pictures vault and the newsreels on Eleanor Roose­velt’s hat collection go missing, I have a tip for you.

Anyway, I’m not saying Rob and James overindulged in good cheer, but

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The Week

Maybe “But there’s no one on the job at the IRS!” isn’t the best anti-shutdown messaging.


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